Milind’s Drive

  • Dec 3rd 2010

To, Tata Nano makers,

When I heard last year that the Tata Nano is available for booking at Showroom, I visited showroom for observing the car. I found first that the height of the car is more. The sitting position of the occupants is also high. This facilitates an ease of entry and exit from the car, especially for heighted people. During observation we also verified space for three persons at rear seat (including two ladies) which is adequate. These factors impressed us for space availability in Nano and I decided to go for booking it.

As per declaration of allotment, my allotment number was above 1.5 lakhs, so delivery was supposed after nearly two years (in march 2011). Soon I started for searching for alternate options although I retained my Nano booking. After observing various similar cars, I found that it costs approx. 3.5 lakhs to 4 lakhs for a middle man to purchase a family car. Nano is costing 2 Lakhs only. Since I am middle age man, I was searching for an economical car for daily going to office which is about 25 kms to & fro from my house. According to Nano claim I estimated 1 litre petrol daily for regular use. Considering 5 days week total petrol consumption estimate is 25 litres, which is costing around Rs.1500 per month. I decided not to go for a 3.5-4 lakh car, which is adding an additional expenditure of 1.5-2 Lakhs. I planned to utilise interest on this extra amount for petrol expenses which is nearly Rs. 1500 per month. Thus, I my cost of fuel for regular use is almost negligible. This is possible only due to less price, high fuel efficiency and hence high Mileage of Nano.  

Fortunately, Nano production plant at Gujarat started in Jun 2010 and I was able to get delivery of my Nano in Aug 2010. I tested it through ghat upto 100 km with 5 person and a/c, I got mileage starting from 18 KMPL. Now I am getting mileage much more than it according to travel conditions, upto 24 KMPL. Even though, the wheels are of small dia., it gives good ground clearance, more Tractive effort & hence good gradeability. Since engine is at rear side, there is less load of heat on a/c. The a/c is also powerfull. The noise of engine is also less inside car while driving. People not having Nano are just observing it from distance, but if anybody test drives or take a close look at it, then he suddenly becomes happy with its performance and features. Features provided in luxury version are also sufficient as compared to cost of Nano. As compared to two wheeler (which is not having spare wheel), we get benefit of driving with whole family during all seasons, protecting us from heat, rain and cold. We should not compare it with other versions of cars since cost of those cars include additional features plus brand and status value. Nano is a good value for money car. People may take time to ascertain the features and performance. As per my listening, the Nano is also performing very well at long distance drive in Indian road conditions. I am also planning to test drive it for long run in near future. Milind Ghodekar

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