Memorable and Lovable Wedding Day Gift

  • May 2nd 2012

I asked my husband to gift me a scooty for our wedding day gift. He was almost ready to buy it but suddenly my husband saw somewhere about Tata Nano and told that me that he wanted to buy me that. I was very very stubborn of not buying the Nano car as it was a very cheap car and i thought it would have less facilities.. On the next day of our anniversary he gave me the car keys but i refused to drive the car. After 10 days my friend needed an urgent help and i did not have any source of transport. So in compulsion, I had to take the car and I never thought that this car would be so good. It suited me a lot and it was certainly of great help to my friend because we had to take my friend's father to the hospital. Because of my Nano, my friend was really happy. Since then, Nano became one of the member in our family..... I love my Nano...



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