Make Someone Smile Contest – Old Neighbour’s Visit To Doctor

  • Apr 13th 2011

My name is Padma Doraiswamy and I have purchased Tata Nano, BS2 racing red in Coimbatore. I have an old neighbour named Vijayalakshmi and family. They are a middle class family like ours. She used to visit doctor regularly because she had cataract operation recently using public transport/taxis which is very disturbing to her. She had to face jerks caused by taxis and autos and the cost also was mounting heavily on her.

I was very happy to get my Tata Nano which is compact and can accommodate nearly 5 people, and it as a good fuel efficiency of 24 km per litre, and reaches destinations without any hazards.

One day, it was important doctor check up for my neighbour and I voluntarily asked her to come in my Nano and she felt very comfortable and safe and did not face any smoke which could enter her eyes because smoke would be dangerous to her eyes.

She consulted doctor in time and doctor was pleased that her eyes shown some improvement and said no smoke or dust was there this time as it was seen last time when she went by taxis/public transport.

She said that she was going to purchase Tata Nano soon and asked when the booking would start for the second booking.

Request: kindly let me know when the second booking would start and where to get the application.

To conclude "sight attracts the soul but merit wins it"

This means sight can attract many cars but Tata Nano has its merit which no other manufactures in the globe can beat"

Kudos to Ratan Tata and Tata Nano team for producing this outstanding car.



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