Ma Birthday Gift

  • May 2nd 2012

On my birthday, When i turned 19, i was asking my dad to get me a Yamaha R15 and he was almost ready to buy it but suddenly my father told me about how he saw something about a Tata Nano somewhere and told that he is going to buy me that, But i was adamant not to have Nano car as it was considered to be a very cheap car and i thought it would have less facilities.On the next day of my birthday, Dad gave me the car keys but i refused to drive the car for 2 days. After 2 days, My friend demanded an urgent help and i did not have any source of transport, so with no choice left and in compulsion, I had to take the car and it was unbelievable. The car was just so PERFECT! It suited me a lot, compact and nowadays I take Nano only for long drives in weekends with my friends... The best car i could ever have..LOVE YOU NANO !!!!



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