Letter from Mr. D. K. Gupta from Panipat

  • Jan 28th 2011

Mr. Rohit and other representatives of TATA, MALWA Automobiles and dear customers.


First of all I should salute Mr. Ratan Tata to manufacture such a lovely beautiful Nano first in the world, the smallest and cheapest car.

Basically I am a mechanical engineer passed out from Bits Pillani in 1961 and took further training in London in 1964. During my visit to European countries when I was passing through Germany in a train I saw A Voks-Wagon car factory near Hanover where 2000 cars were being manufactured per day. It was an initiative of Mr. Hitler to have a common-man car.

The same way Mr. Tata thought to manufacture a car for the common man using scooter carrying the whole family of 5 persons. Honestly if you consider the price of a car which is 2500 dollars, it is nothing.

Sometime back there was a motor show in Geneva, Switzerland where this car was displayed for public comments. It has been declared satisfactory for the mechanical point of view except the paint which was not of international standard.


There were some incidents of fire, action had been taken immediately. You must have read in newspapers even in reputed brands like Toyota, Some faults are detected. They call back the same series for rectification. It is machinery anything can happen at any time. But the action should be taken fast.

During the last rainy season, the water was logging on the road to a depth of 2 feet. I saw a number of big cars were standing on the roadside while this little Nano was moving normally.


It is astonishing even the Ford, mother of automobiles, could not think to make such a cheap car like this.


I have been using this car from 1st January 2010 only for Panipat City and covered more than 10,000 kms and there is no problem in running the car. I always say it is covered motorcycle which keeps away from heat, rain and dust.

I am thankful to you all for giving me patience hearing.



Your loving customer,

Mr. D. K. Gupta

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