Kishore’s entry for the

  • Apr 13th 2011

I live in a village where we do not have bus transportation. Either we need to own a vehicle or need to make use of the costliest public transportation available which is least affordable by the lower class people who trust their own legs for travelling to the city to catch a bus.


I go on a two wheeler and accomodate 3 children on my bike who are on their way to school. But still I used to feel disappointed as few more are left back who have to walk all the way to school. Had the thought that if I had loads of money I could buy a car. But now TATA with its NANO car have brought a hope in me that I need not wait for long before buying a car for myself and then accomodate all the children in my vehicle which would definetely not only BRING A SMILE on their faces but would also BRING A SMILE to my HEART as I would be the happiest person.


THANKS TO NANO which would be making my DREAM COME TRUE soon and which will MAKE MANY SMILE (not only children and me but also their parents).......


Hope everyone around the WORLD would strive to MAKE SOMENONE SMILE inone or the other way thus making the entire world THE HAPPIEST PLACE TO LIVE.. :)




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