Kantilal Singhee shares his opinion on his Tata Nano

  • Apr 13th 2011

The launch of the dream NANO at auto expo by Mr. Ratan Tata in Delhi put many Auto Czars to rethink their strategies in the industry.

For me the experience of receiving an allotment in the first few months was like receiving a Mercedes. The first drive out of the showroom was a road stunner. Heads turned at every red signal and onlookers were staring in amazement and I felt the already high head space in the car becoming more headier.

At the apartment everybody was down to see the car and friends wanted a ride and drive.

The car is comfortable for four, plenty of head and leg space comparing to its likes in the industry. The engine roars at 95 km on the highway without any difficulty and I have enjoyed moving in it at the speed.

The best is the small rides in the city where parking is the problem, I do not know how to express my joy these days that I can park the Nano perpendicular to the road between two sedans to the amazement of my friends looking for parking space. In fact my friends often ask me to bring the Nano to drive around in even though they have Mercs!

The most needed improvement I would desire in the LX series is a power steering. The fuel consumption is at 20km per litre.

I would say that with all this, Nano is a very good city car, and very good for a family of four!

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