Jaynarayanan’s Nano

  • Nov 29th 2010

When we decided to booked a TATA Nano CX BSIV as our second car from Marina Motors, Calicut, Kerala, friends and colleagues started asking “ have u gone out of mind”. Every one asked us, why are u going for this car, as there are ALTO, 800, etc. I told them, Nano is the only one who fits best in my car shed.I can park my Wagon-r and Nano easily in my porch. Also , Nano will be a suitable car to drive is congested city traffics, were parking space is dream .



I got the delivery on October 20th . First I felt good was, it has very good head and leg space for tall guys like me. My height is 6ft.1". I feel very comfortable in the driving seat in Nano than in my Wagon R. The air conditioning system is superb, which I have to tell, within less than 1 Minute, the entire car gets super cooling.

Second week of delivery, we had a marriage function at manathavady Wayanad, Kerala, and I thought I will take the new car. To reach Manathavady from Kozhikode, we have two roads, both of them have 9-11 hair pin bends, and of course the terrible road conditions of Kerala roads. It was a raining for the last 2-3- days. My friends advised, to take the Wagon-R , because it will be difficult to Nano to handle the hair pin bends and steep roads. So I changed my mind. The day before travel, that evening I just thought , will Mr Tata design a car which cannot handle the ghats , and steep roads, and a car which cant used for long distance travels. Next day , I changed my mind back to Nano.

On a rainy day, started my journey. Upto 60 KM the road conditions was very bad, and peoples on the road were looking my car , I think no body has dared to took Nano on that roads. It was raining when we reached the ghat roads. Every one who was coming opposite, was looking at us, like they are seeing a nano for the first time on the ghat roads. It was quite easy to drive on the ghat roads. On the way, small children on the seeing my car stated to shout nano nano nano clapping their hands. It took 3 hours to reach manathavady, I was driving on 40-50 KM, since the first service was not completed.

Enthusiasm of people about Nano is not over till date. Every time when I stop on the roads, or in a fuel station, less than 5 people will surely come around the car, will have a look inside and outside, and I have to spend time clearing their doubts.

Overall it’s a good car, and its is a great value for money.

Best of luck in the future

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