Jamnagar to Agra and back with Mileage of 34kmpl

  • Dec 19th 2012


My journey started from Jamnagar to Agra. it started at 1270km I have selected a route via Jaipur to Agra and same route to return. The total journey is of 2871km

Amazing fuel average of 34.05 wow. Enjoyed my return journey without any single problem.

I was driving continuously for 858km, again no problem. Fuel company had recommended for 15 liters but I have filled 17.50 liter and as a proof I also have the fueling bill . With a full tank, my Nano LX limited edition completed 638km that means an avg of 36.45 per km. But I am happy. No words to express, It’s a complete small SUV car because I drove the Nano continuously for 858km, just stopped to fill fuel only. I was with my wife and son and they say that the performance is miracle. I am a happy owner of this car.


Parag Punjani

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