How I proved my friends wrong

  • Mar 6th 2012

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One day my friends and I went on a long drive in my TATA NANO. My friends always tease me that about my NANO saying it’s not good for long drive. I proved them all wrong that day. It is cheaper to drive in a NANO as it has great mileage and I had great fun driving it at high speed. My friends were shocked by the performance of NANO. The NANO is suitable for city driving as well as for long drives. Now I could tease my friends back because their cars give very less mileage as compared to my TATA NANO. It was a hot day in Rajasthan but we enjoyed the A/C of Nano which cools the air so quickly, in fact after a while it got chilly. After a lots of fun when we was going home we faced a traffic jam near the city but because of the Nano’s small size and smooth we easily cleared that traffic . All this left my friends shocked. I’m sure they all are going to book a TATA NANO now. :)

Thanks Tata for making such an awesome CAR

"tata nano khushiyo ki chabhi"


Hitesh Khubchandani

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