Happy Car Nano

  • Dec 3rd 2010

Hi, let me introduce myself first I am Pratap Kottapalli staying in Hyderabad. My Bold & Beautiful NANO is gifted to me by my loving sister Mrs.Srirama Vemulapalli. We booked the car somewhere in July 2009 and we received in March 2010,I took the delivery by my self from Autofin,Hyderabad.That's the first time when I came in contact with a NANO,Its very amazing. I am a frequent traveller to my home town vijayawada which is 280 km from Hyderabad. My NANO gives solid 20KMPL with A/c on on Highway.I have done 8220 KM till date from its purchase in March 2010 out which 7500Kms are done on national highways .I am very satisfied with the car.Thanks to TATA.

Pratap Kottapalli

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