Happy Birthday Nano by G. Prabhakar Rao

  • Apr 13th 2011


Today the Tata Nano turns one. Exactly one year back, Ratan Tata commercially launched the Nano and fulfilled a promise which many thought would never come true. The Tata Nano is undoubtedly the most important car for India. It has managed to create waves around the world for its value engineering and has put Tata Motors and India on the world map in the field of car manufacturing which is dominated by Japan and Germany.

I am very keen and fascinated with the Nano since Mr. Ratan Tataji announced the Nano news. I feel lucky as among two lakh applications I got my Nano allotment in first quarter only. Concord Motors showroom in Hyderabad is 2 km from my office I use to visit at least weekly once until I received my car on the auspicious day of VIJAYA DASAMI (Dasara) festival in September 28th 2009.

Automobile engineers, designers and pundits in mechanical engineering
the world over, laud it as a great engineering marvel. It may automatically stamp you as a middle class person when you are seen riding in it. But then, you are still the owner of a less expensive car, even when you go in a Toyota Innova when there are BMWs and Audis around you. There are motor cycles costing more than one lakh and there is the humble Luna moped. It has its own uses, for students to go to school/college and for the housewives to fetch things.

A car is a tool. A Tata Nano would be useful for dropping the children at the school, bring home the vegetables and for going to the office. It may not be suitable as a grand tourer for zipping along at 160kmph on the highways, but it still is a car.

Tata Nano is an excellent car in its category. I would certainly rate it
4 because of the rate-equipment ration. It's cheap to own and maintain.
It's a car for those who wish to have a new four wheeler and could not afford till today. It's a common man's car and worth buying if you have still not migrated from a two wheeler.

Nano is my first car, in last six months I derived four thousands Kms. I went to Basar though NH 7, derived in rural areas, smooth trouble free drive.

G. Prabhakar Rao

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