Greetings from Mexico

  • Apr 13th 2011

Dear Tata,

I am one of your several grandchildren in the world
I only know you in pictures, video clips and I have read some articles about you as well
I live exactly in the opposite side of the world
Yes you guessed right, in Mexico
But make no mistake, I am a loyal fan and I will patiently wait until the time comes for you to visit my land
I already made some calculations, you would need to travel only 15 thousand kilometers
I bet you can make it
It will take you only 641 liters of petrol to get down here
At ten pesos the liter I can pay for the trip
It will cost me one third of my monthly pension but it is worth
This is about 500 US dollars

When you arrive I will take good care of you
I will take you the beaches, the pyramids, and the old colonial towns scattered all around the place
I will drive you to some extraordinary places where you will be able to meet friendly people that prepare the most amazing meals
I can hardly wait to your visit dear Tata
You know, when Columbus arrived to America, more than 500 years ago, he thought he was discovering the Indies
Perhaps now its time for you to discover this part of the American continent and pay a tribute to the Admiral
I look forwrd to meeting you.

Best regards

Your grandson

David Torres
Mexico City

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