Fuel efficiency, small wonder

  • Feb 23rd 2011

I am Kapil Nareshkumar Vasani, the proud owner of a Tata Nano Cx, champaign gold.

Just wanted to share my Nano’s superb performance with you all in the hope that this will help clarify many, many doubts that others may have in their mind regarding its performance and mainly “performance on highways.” Today I had a small trip to Mahudi, Kotiyark temple, Amarnath Dham, and Akshardham starting from Ahmedabad. It was a round of around 135 km and I completed the whole trip in 5-5.5 L in my small wonder giving me an average of 27-25 km/L and you know what…I started with full tank and when I reached Kotiyark temple, my fuel indicator showed me surprising results….it was just reduced by 1 bar…which equals 2 L for a distance of 61 km. To be precise, I started at 735 km from my place near Gujarat Highcourt with a full tank and I reached Kotiyark temple and meter reading was 796 km, so around 61 km in just, just, just 2 L, and I think that was because we started early morning when traffic was very less and the result was superb…the average I received was around 30 km/L (n that is very close to my wife's Activa)….!!!!!!! Way back, we put on AC for some time say for 15-20 minutes as the temperature was a bit up outside, and traffic was lot more that brought my average down a bit…but that is not at all a cause for concern for me as I got a superb overall average of approximately 25-27 km/L and that is just superb for me. Believe me, Nano is a real good car and really, really economic, my trip was cheaper than I would have been able to do it in a bus…!! Kudos to Tatas for this “just superb” “small wonder” and in no way it looks a cheap car...it is always a centre of attraction wherever you go…my daughter loves it a lot…she sticks to the car in the same way as that small girl does it in its ad. I am planning to take it for some long journeys, and I am sure it will continue its superb performance.

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