From Noida to Gandhi Nager in my Nano

  • Jan 17th 2013

Going on a road trip is always fun but if u had a Tata Nano, the element of fun increases much more times. I drove my Nano all the way to gandhi nagar via gurgaon ,jaipur,ajmer,chitorgarh,udaipur ,kumbhalgarh gandhinagar ,which is around 1200 km. Initially I was a bit nervous about Nano, at that time as I was not sure that it can travel all the way or not, but I tell u guys nothing happened, Nano superbly covered all the distance .we went to kumbhalgarh fort, which is a mountainous region. There we actually drove it like an SUV. Just want to congratulate you guys for this beautifully designed car. While travelling this much distance, I noticed some areas, which have to improve, like gear movement; otherwise Nano is a superb car. It didn't stop anywhere on the road.





Tanmay Awasthi,

Greater Noida.

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