For Mom and Dad!

  • Feb 27th 2012


I am Rajesh Kumar leaving in a joint family, which includes my mom, my wife, my brother and my daughter, my father expired few years back ,,when i was kid i always told my mom and father one day i 'll take you on a drive in my own car ,,,then they always says no dear car is for rich peoples. and we are from middle class that is beyond our rich,,,, that time i decided i will do it for you mom and dad,,but their words are really true car is really for rich peoples they worked hard for me to give me best possible education all their money was utilized on my studies and then few years back i got job ,first off all i had cleared all my loans and then booked Tata Nano ..but my bad luck my father was not able to see,,,but when i took my mother on a drive she was full of tears .......

First car of my family...........and we really love that

Rajesh Kumar

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