Finding family and friends with my Nano

  • Feb 27th 2012


This is a story about one of my adventures. I call it "The Long Drive" because that it what is was, among other things. I drove alone for forty-eight hours over two weeks time, covering three thousand miles.

My aviation business of fourteen years had gone kaput in the Spring of 2009. The last few years had been intensely stressful. I needed to think and to unwind. A quiet long drive solo is great for being alone with your thoughts. But where to go?

I perused a map of the Delhi and noticed I had friends and family scattered about, most of whom I had promised to one day visit. I took a magic marker and traced a route from where I lived in Delhi that would take me to Kerala , Trivandrum and South India and back. Then I set out on my journey.Long and Long journey makes me relaxed and with fun and total fun apart.

By Sahil Aggarwal

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