Family trip to Vizag

  • Feb 28th 2012


On Tuesday the 4th of October, 2011 my family was to return from Araku Valley to Vishakapatnam. I asked the hotel manager to arrange a car for us so that we can comfortably reach our destination, i.e. Vizag town. After a few minutes the manager called me up and notified me about a car being hired, which would be our companion and carrier till Vizag. I curiously questioned the manager, “What car is it?”…… Manager says,”
It’s a Tata Nano sir…..- the perfect family car ...”
I was a little annoyed and asked the manager to cancel Nano and hire some other hardy and possible long driving car, because I was a little scared to travel such a long distance on a Nano.
The manager assured me of a cosy and comfortable Nano journey and lastly without too many options on my list, I had to start on with my journey on a milky white Nano.

Believe me or not when I opened the front left door I was completely astonished to see the interior space allocated within such small area. The seats are very comfortable with facilities and space to stretch the legs on a full swing in the front. I was also surprised to have a glimpse of the luggage carrying area…. It made me wonder that how can it be so innovative..!!
Mere chilly winds from the coffee plantation valleys and the mild hotness of the sunrays made the journey not only special but also something to cherish forever and keep it as evergreen memories….

The smooth and zig-zag mountainous roads, not much crowd, and the buttery speed of the unbelievable Nano made this long drive a very special one! The smallness of the car made it run faster than the cheetah... I hope!! And made it crisply cut and find ways on small jams near the town…

We were five (including the driver) and I swear we were more than comfortable than it would have been on jeep or mountain drive cars.The dashing interior designs, space and new innovative techniques used in making this car needs a perfect cheer!!!!! We covered more than 185 kilometres and not for a single moment we had to stop for the engine to be rested.

Today, when anyone asks for a cheap family car, I close my eyes, dream of this memorable journey and suggest.” Its Nano all the way...” No compromise on bringing a car which brings joyness , comfort and hope with it. Now sometimes, I really feel bad for the feelings and thoughts that I had on a Nano before this wonderful journey...

All my best wishes for all those who have been directly and indirectly involved in revealing this “WONDER CAR…”!!


With best regards,

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