Experience of Mr. S.M.Shah

  • Apr 13th 2011

The word NANO means small but it had made larger dreams of a simple man come true. So NANO is not restricted to small but it means larger invention to the life of a common man.

I bought my NANO on the occasion of of DHANTERAS (in October 2009) from Basudeb dealer (in Ranchi) and from October 2009 to March 2010 I have had very good and fun-filled experiences with it. I took NANO to the most tough roads of Ranchi - Jamdhedpur(135km) Ranchi - Saraikella(135km) in which more then 50km lies in state road which is in very horrible condition. But it showed me a excellent performance in terms of air condition, excellent ground clearance and mileage. Mileage given in highway is 25-26km and in town 20-21km. I was glad to know about mileage. Apart from mileage it provided me a good capacity of six person when I visited my relative in Jamshedpur which is 135km from Ranchi. Till today I have covered more then 5000km in this respect there was no problem. The Nano is also very stable in high speeds even whilst overtaking heavy vehicles and it has it given me high performance. And also had fun-filled experiences with NANO like one day while driving NANO, A man stopped me at signal and asked how NANO is doing and complimented that NANO looks very cute.

Then again one day I saw a man taking his photograph with NANO while I was in a shop. I guess today NANO is not less than any celebrity on the road. I think TATA has made what it promised. Therefore on behalf of every common man I want to thank TATA for this invention.

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