Experience of Mr. Ajay Krishna Naidu from Mangalore

  • Apr 13th 2011


This is Ajay Krishna Naidu from Mangalore!

I got my Nano atlast after a long wait for almost a year. I have a Innova and a Swift Dzire and Nano was the 3rd car. The legroom that is there in the Nano, simply out classes the other two. The car has been great fun to drive and Mangalore being a hilly area, the Nano surprisingly handles the steep roads quite well, even with the A/c on.

I had spent almost a week in the showroom to help out the guys to do the accessories fittings to perfection. I spent almost 40k extra on all the Tata Accessories. And believe me, in comparison to what I have put, the pricing is quite reasonable. The Quality of the accessories were top notch. The Body Kit is from Thailand. Even the alloys seemed to be imported. I was quite shocked at the pricing. An alloy wheel costs 2k, including the fitting charges. The entire set cost me about 8K. For my Swift, the alloy wheel set cost me a whopping 19k.

I have done some other minor modifications too. I had fixed a plank in such a way that, your feet does not go close to the battery terminal below the driver’s seat. A lot of other customers at Auto Matrix Mangalore, saw this and have done similar modifications to their Nano. It feels a lot safe.

The mileage has been decent so far. I have got a mileage of about 15kmpl with the A/c within the city. That is very good considering, Mangalore has some of the worst roads in the country. I think the mileage should increase after a couple of oil changes.

All in all it’s a great car to drive. The design is simply fantastic. It is so small, but yet so big in features. I don't think any other car maker can ever bring out so much space in such a small design.

The base model of Alto costs about Rs.2,80,000 on road. That too with no A/c, no power windows, no central locks, no alloys.

My car cost me Rs.2,58,500 on road, inclusive of all the accessories. It includes:

1. Power Windows
2. Central Locking
3. Alloys
4. Body Kit, Skirts, Paint job
5. A/c.
6. G Sport Seat Covers
7. Sony Music system, with component speakers and crossovers
8. A couple of T shits, water bottles, the cute Nano pen drive, caps, mats, pencil boxes, Luggage bag( its a must), Nano key chains and a whole lot of goodies.

What more can one ask for!!

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