Experience of Dr.C.K.Sharma : Khandwa, M.P.

  • Apr 13th 2011

I have the good fortune of owning the first Nano in MP, which has undoubtedly brought fame! I feel that Nano is a very eco-friendly, economic, easy-to-maneuver and comfortable car. It accommodates today’s nuclear family in comfort. In fact, Nano itself has become just like our family member. Just like any other member, it has its own room (the garage).

Another thing I must mention is that I was quite satisfied with the services offered by the dealer : Sanghi Brothers, Indore. We do not have a dealer at Khandwa, so I will have to take the car to Indore for service etc. I am sure they will continue to provide excellent service as and when required.

In conclusion, me and my are a highly satisfied and quite happy about our ‘Nano Experience’ so far!

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