The exciting trip to the Ganges with our Bid da ‘NanoDa’

  • Feb 28th 2012

At the age of 40 years and being professional consultant in corporate, one would expect to change over to a car that is different and gives a different blend of taste… I was lured by cars likes of Maruti Swift Desire, Tata Manza, Hyundai Entra and the Volkswagen…. But somehow… all test drives just told what is so different.

Nanoda as we call our dazzling orange ‘Tata Nano’ was my first love when I saw it in the Delhi Auto Expo during its launch. I was at that time working for Mahindra and the pass allowed me an access near the car… no surprise that the bubbly dubly Nanoda cheered the eyes of all.

Then came the sad story of the failure of the car, the fire and general comments went negative. So every time I thought of going for it there were the signs that don’t take a chance. I was however in love with NanoDa and decided to do some research of my own and to my surprise most of the owners were mostly satisfied except for the concerns of not having a very proactive service attitude by the franchises.

In Dec the Tata Nano 2012 was launched and I thought of taking it up. It was surprising when I started driving the car and found the remarkable, frugal engineering astonishing for the car of this size and price.

I was waiting for making up the running in period of 1000 Kms and then jump for the long drive. My spouse and I are working so mostly we hardly get leaves together which left with no planning for a trip to Rishikesh. My spouse kept on worrying how can NanoDa take us 260 kms upstream; however there was no other way as the trains were full, my child does not like Bus nor do I and Taxi Indica quoted Rs 8000 which was too heavy on my pockets. I also have a petrol Indica but that is gushing fuel and did not worth for long drive- so the only choice left was our Orange NanoDa….

We started at 6 am from South Delhi. The dealer had given a cell charger connection on which I had my GPS fixed and hence we were to its mercy to take us smoothly across the long route. We were four people in the Car with I am my wife in the front, our child care taker and my child of 10 yrs at the back. The small boot allowed placing 2 bags and one more bag was in the gap between the front and rear seat and all were comfortable with good leg space and head space!!

We reached the boundaries of Delhi in no time… and I had topped up the fuel tank with 15 Liters… and the expectation was that as per min 20 KpL I would be able to reach Rishikesh with no more fill-up. Infact later when I checked the estimated milage in the trip was 25-27 Kmpl.

The temp outside was less than 5 degree; Jan being the coldest month in North. I had placed the NanoDa heater at 80% and we were all comfortable & warm inside the car. The headlights were strong and the fog lamps left no shadow and so I was gushing at a comfortable 90 Kmpl. In no time we reached Meerut bypass… and then hit the NH 58 which took us through the morning sun…

There are some facts of NanoDa which I would like to mention here

to all the non – believers who have not driven this amazing car.

The Car Picks up faster than any sedan to 60 kmph

1. The Car beats most cars on the road due to fast pick-up and sleek weight to power ratio

2. Inside the cabin there is no or very low sound of the engine

3. The Car drives comfortable with 4-5 passengers – no drop in speed

4. The Car takes on flyover at 4 th gear if speed is 50 kmh +,

5. The 3rd gear ratio is 30-50 Kmph and hence there is less need to change the gear in city

6. In highways getting to 90 KMH is cake walk infact I had to feather touch the accelerator pedal to avoid speeding to 100!!

7. The Car does not heat up in the rear seats : infact most of the rumors are big BS!

8. The A/c and Heater are best in class with full chill at the blower fan on 1 position

Now coming back to our ride… the fun was whenever we faced little traffic as we just slipped through it due to sleek maneuvering and small size- infact we were disturbing for the big cars who were all stuck. Another big believe is that this Car is not fit for Highways and it sways when a big car or truck moves aside, on the contrary any car can any hardly overtake NanoDa ; although my caution is that one has to be a good highway driver..

We had reached the bypass of Muzaffarnagar by 9 am. The ride as a joy with light instrumental music, sometimes Ravindra Sangeet and many times the modern Hindi songs on request from my little one… My stereo is Panasonic and I had won the NanoUSB with 2 g that had many songs. The sight of green, large farms and village site was enchanting… Nanoda got cheers from everyone in the villages as we moved on with shouts of ‘वो वो देखो टाटा नैनो आ गया’ (see all Tata Nano is there). The kids will run behind us raising jai Nanooooooooo; and my kid would join them in their chorus.

We halted just before entering Roorkee in Sonu Hotel – a bypass restaurant on the NH 58 Highway. There some buses had also stopped enroute to Haridwar and soon NanoDa became the tourist spot with people coming in batches taking snap with it… my wife told Nazar lag jayga.. let us tie a black ribbon… I said nazar to lag gaya hai…. Ye hai NanoDa .The outside was chilling and we wanted to have tea and rush in the comforts of warm temperature of the NanoDa cabin.

We reached Rishikesh through the street of Roorkee and Haridwar. I have heard so many times of Roorkee Enginering college and it was good to see it. The Hardiwar plains invited us with the eye catching sight of Ma Ganga which the full view from Nano made it exciting and suddenly we were filled with Hindu religion and felt Hindu for the first time in our lives. In Rishikesh we stayed in Natraj Palace.

In Rishikesh NanoDa again surpassed all Cars as it could navigate through the bustling streets and reach Triveni Ghat. For one time I got jittery that will the Car go to the Ghats seeing the buzzing people all over the road and almost no place to drive…. But as NanoDa went ahead all people just moved sides in respect and admiration…

There is a mountain ghat from Rishikesh City to Laxman / Ram Julla. I had a choice of taking the bypass road which was 13 Kms from the hotel or the Ghat which was 3 Kms… and I decided for the latter to see how NanoDa takes it on the Hills. To my surprise this Car is just a wonder on the hills with superb kick as the engine is rear and there is no feel of taking on the hills and the curves.

The ride back home was a memorable one. We reached Delhi late and NanoDa proved that it is really Big Da and now a big brother of our family with 27 Kmpl and only spending Rs 1500 max for the ride in place of Rs 8K that the Taxiwala had demanded for an Indica without AC or Heater. I take Nano all day to my office from Delhi to Noida which is round 50 Kms round trip and I am getting 23 KML with A/c & Heater. This is a big city Car and I would disagree with the market position of this Car for rural or B Class city. This Car has good mileage, easy traffic penetration and low maintenance…. All fit for Metro’s. Tata Nano team think again on your positioning of the product- there is lot to achieve for it in the Metro’s.

Amit Roy

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