Every Drive In Nano Is Joyful…

  • Jan 15th 2013

Hi guys this is Uday . I would like to share few memories of my new Nano. Just a month back my elder brother called me and told me that he is thinking of buying a Nano .The next words from me was that is was a stupid decision to buy a Nano, It's the worst car. Rather than buying a Nano just take a Tata magic or Tata ace (auto) so that you at least get Rs.300 as rent per day. But he said to come and take a test drive so that I can know how it is. When I saw the driving seat, I felt like I was sitting in an auto. But after sitting in the driver's seat my mind slowly turned positive towards Nano by seeing the spacious leg room also spacious rear seating, good interiors, power windows, powerful a/c .etc. What more u need in a car to drive in a city. Then I took the test drive. I reached the speed of 105 kmph without even a slight jerk I even applied sudden breaks but still the car was steady. I was satisfied. My brother got his new Nano LX delivered. One day I took it out for a drive with my friends who do not like Nano. I drove the car in all kinds of roads. Unleveled, village roads, also in some agriculture lands. I found the ground clearance of Nano awesome which we don't find in any cars now. After a day finally we thought of going to top of a hill which is nearby my town. I thought it would be a tough job to climb a hill with Nano. But I easily drove it that too in 3rd and 2nd gear only. In the city parking a Nano is as easy as a bike as the turning radius of this car is very small there is no need of using reverse gear also. Finally before 1st servicing I got a mileage of 20.6kmpl in city.



Image of The Best Mileage Car - Tata Nano


Overlooking lush Greenery in Andhra Pradesh - Tata Nano



Udya vara


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