Dare to dream impossible, and then, make your dream a reality

  • Apr 24th 2012

It is just awesome feeling to be the first. To be a pioneer. Peopletalk about you. But to become first in something, you need to dreamsomething that is impossible for others. And to fulfill your dreams,you need think differently. You need to do things differently.


When you do different things, people either criticize you or getafraid of you. They question you, object you, try to stop you, put hurdles in your way, and try to weaken our efforts.


We need someone to look at for inspiration during our weak times.


And I look at my nano cx for inspiration.


The nano project had faced many many challenges - Internal challenges,and external challenges. It met all the challenges head on and emerged as the winner. Today over 6 lakh people have clicked that Like button on its facebook page. Nano has lakhs of satisfied customers in 3 countries. It has made all car companies re-think about their future plans. I am sure when you are reading this story, you must have read the making of the nano on www.tatanano.com.


So, What I love most about my nano?


I love the most about my nano is inspirational words that it tells me - whenever I clean her, driver her, park her, or just watch her in a photo kept on my computer background as well as mobile background.


You want to know what are the words? Here they are:


"Dare to dream what is impossible for others. Work your way to make your dream a reality. Challenges will come. Meet them head on. Walk an exra mile. Take a step backwards sometime. Start all over again, if required, but don't stop. Because finally, your dream will become a reality. I am an example of this."


Yes, I also love nano's shape, design, space, air conditioning, comfort, legroom, turning radius, fuel economy and price too. :-)


Hemang Antani

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