Conquering the highest motor-able road in the world!

  • Feb 28th 2012


KhardungLa in Ladakh, India’s northernmost part, is one of the highest motorable mountain passes in the world.
.Khardung La is situated 39 km by road from Leh. The first 24 km, as far as the South Pullu check point, are paved. From there to the North Pullu check point about 15 km beyond the pass the roadway is primarily loose rock, dirt, and occasional rivulets of snow melt.

Leh is connected by road from Manali and Srinagar, and daily flights are operated from Delhi. So when my friend Rajat bought a Nano i was staying in Delhi for some official work and on a weekend he called me up and told me about this trip on a weekend. As soon as he told me i readily agreed and told he to plan for it though i was unsure if his new car will be good enough for such rigorous journey through the rugged terrains and bad roads, finally the day came and he with his wife along with me set out on the journey to conquer the HIGHEST MOTOR-ABLE ROAD IN THE WORLD.

I was very thrilled about the journey since I have never been to a journey for such a long distance before this and that too through some dangerous roads of the world has made an adrenaline rush in my whole body and when the journey was complete my experience with this trip was just spell-bounding.

It should be mentioned that from Delhi till Leh the roads were like normal and the journey is more or less smooth and takes less time though very hectic for a light car like Nano but onwards Leh till Khardung La jouney on these roads has fascinated me with the thrill of the mountain on one side with big boulders directing outwards and deep chasm also the roads were steep road and I thought it will be very difficult in getting there but Nano's perfect power steering, Multi-point fuel injection petrol engine, Anti-vibe balancer shaft, strong seats and anchorages with the awesome mileage and the comfort that it offered us throughout the journey can't be described in words. After we get there we took a lot of snaps (one of which i am enclosing here) and had our breakfast then we took a look in and around the place. That journey had left a deep impact upon me and i felt so secured with Tata Nano after that journey that i suggest all my relatives and friends to buy that car. It has been one of my memorable on-road experiences of my life till now.

Name – Rahul Das

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