By Peter Townson

  • Jan 2nd 2012

Based on the interview on 1st December 2011

As Mr. Peter joined the India operations of Experian Decision Analytics last year in Mumbai; he was faced with the need of his own vehicle for moving around in the city.

It was a choice between, a bike and a second hand small car. Bike was ruled out for the concern of road safety and lack of weather protection. And, a brand new Nano gave a very tough competition to any second hand car as a value for money option. And, he finally decided to try out the Nano himself before he decides.

When Mr. Pete test drove the Nano, his fascination towards the car was finally converted to a purchase decision. He was absolutely stunned with the space inside Tata Nano. He found it extremely comfortable to get inside and come out of the Nano. And the comfort of the rear seat was totally unbelievable considering how small the car looks from outside. He was very impressed with the clever engineering that went in making of the Nano.

He finally purchased the car in January 2011. And since then, he is amused with the celebrity like attention that he gets from the entire passerby. People look at him in amazement with a Foreigner owning and driving the Nano. He is extremely happy with his decision, as now he sneaks through tough traffic jams and fits into the tight parking spaces with ease in his Nano. Tata Nano is Mr. Pete’s driving statement and he is proud of it. He feels that in a city with cramped spaces, high fuel prices and high pollution, it is a socially responsible decision to go with a car like Nano, which saves space and fuel both. He absolutely loves the look of the seat covers of the car and likes the color of his car; sunshine yellow. He feels the color is bright, stands out and makes it offbeat.

Mr. Pete feels that Tata Nano has a very strong Indian spirit, and is smartly engineered to tackle the Indian road conditions. It has very good ground clearance and a small turning radius to sail through the tough traffic and road terrains. He owns a Nano LX version, and is very happy with the performance of his car’s AC.

His friends living abroad are equally amused to know that he drives a Nano in India. He feels that Nano is a great car but the perception of the people about this car is not right. He feels that if Nano is marketed as a smart choice and a technological marvel, it shall provide the required aspiration value to the owner of the car. He is hopeful that Nano 2012, in its new colors and new advertisement will be able to solve the perception issue at large.

Driving enthusiast and adventurous Mr. Peter has expressed his keen interest on taking Nano from Mumbai to London, his home. Or, take on a pan India journey covering all the landmarks across the length and breadth of the country. He feels that the journey in Nano on a long route like these will be very interesting.

From Tata Motors team side, we wish him happy motoring with Nano and all the best for the journeys he embarks on.


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