Behram’s Smooth ride

  • Jan 28th 2011

A Good Buy – Behram Aga


Read ‘How Nano hit a big bump in India.’, and ‘Nano plagued by poor image and quality issues.’ (ET 3 Nov) and was disappointed.



It is unfortunate that a good product has met with such deplorable response, merely because of false and erroneous impression, rumours, and mischief by vested interest.


I am 73 years of age and for the last 37 years was riding a 1973 Jawa motorcycle. I got delivery of my Nano end August, and am using the same without any hitch, or problem. It is a fine little vehicle most suitable for the city although the roads are in disgustingly poor and deplorable condition and difficult to negotiate.





When Ratan Tata announced the Nano, auto industry in particular and industry in general were skeptical. One industrialist even had remarked “will this car have wheels?” when the auto industry realized that it was a reality, politicians were roped in to stop the Tatas from going ahead with the project which miserably failed as the gutsy Ratan Tata, moved the project to Gujarat.



The fact is that Nano is not only manufactured for Indians but even for other countries, and it will be a success. Unfortunately Indians with their pettifogging mentality will be the losers.



The car is not only reasonably priced and is win-win proposition for lower middleclass people like me. It is most comfortable, rides smoothly, and a steal for the price at which it is offered.



Those who have cancelled their bookings will regret their decision in hindsight.

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