Bayer in India Joins the Tata Nano Family

  • Oct 14th 2009

Bayer in India, part of the Germany based Bayer Group hasrecently purchased three Tata Nano’s for Company usage. These Nano’s have been repainted to cool aqua blue and bright green, fiery red and multi coloured striped colours to make them look more vibrant and colourful and give a distinct feel of the car.



During the Week days, the Nanos are used as Special Vehicles to ferry expats from the airport and for sales people. On being asked the reason for this, Mr Gerlich Country Speaker, Bayer Group of Companies replied “The Nano has been read about all over the world, and people are curious about it. When our colleagues and their families have an opportunity to use the Bayer Nano, it really makes them feel special. Besides, the car also uses some material from Bayer, so it is a win – win situation for both the companies”.
















And on weekendsthe company has extended the vehicle to employees who use it for taking their families out on fun weekends in and around Mumbai .This particular scheme was started by the company after the purchase of the Nano. Employees need to book itin advance and wait for their turn as there is huge demand.







We wish them allthe very best and many miles of happy motoring.

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