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  • Nov 29th 2010

We got our Nano on 30th October 2010 at Nagpur. since the 1st day i am in love with Nano. its our 4th car but i never felt so much pleasure to drive any other of our cars.


We drove it 106 km (total run 212 km), in scourcing heat of nagpur and vidarbha, loaded with 5 full grown adults and 3 luggage bags at the back 10 ltrs water container in front of passenger seat and with AC on full. It gave us the superb mileage of 22 kmpl (without AC mileage was 23.5 kmpl).


We had to park the car at a place where there was no shade. obviously in Vidarbha's heat it got hot from inside like a furnace. but when the AC was switched on it took only a couple of minutes to cool down the passenger cabin so much that all of us sitting inside started shivering. it was unbelievable.


Its even more economical than a 220 cc bike. plus no need of 2 bikes when even 6 ppl can get inside a Nano comfortably. The most interesting thing is that it requires space of only 2 bikes to get parked. Even at Diwali time, i was able to park Nano at Sitabuldi Area at Nagpur where at that time even entering on foot was a nightmare. Moreover, the ppl sitting inside Nano get a celebrity status. wherever i took it, everyone, young or old, big or small, looked at it and even children cried in pleasure "Look at Nano!!" (In Marathi, "Ti Paha Nano").


One incidence which happened with me while i was driving Nano, literally made me want to dance. I was waiting at the signal at Shankar Nagar Square at Nagpur. One BMW came to halt beside my Nano. The person driving the BMW slide down his window and took a full good look at my Nano. That's right, a person driving a BMW is also fascinated by Nano. Who needs a Merc or BMW to be a celebrity anymore?


As i stay in a different city, I am planning to sell my bike and buy a Nano for myself too. i really believe that when most of the time ppl like us travel by flight or superfast trains or volvo buses to other cities, there is no need of HUGE cars for city driving which cause pollution and parking problems. Nano plays the role perfectly well.


Congrats to Mr. Ratan Tata and all the Tata Nano team at Tata Motors to make such a wonderful car which also made the President of United States leave his American Limo for some time and took a ride in our Indian Nano.


Xitij Dixit


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