An Awesome drive in a Nano.

  • Apr 3rd 2012


It was a foggy morning of spring in Bangalore and we (Me, My Husband, & Uncle-Aunty) started our journey to Coorg @6 AM. The distance of Coorg (from Bangalore) is 280 KM one way, and we gave our first halt @Mysore Road Café Coffee Day’ around 7.30 AM. It was a two stop jouney and by the time we reach Coorg was 2PM. The drive was awesome, we were in speed between 80 to 100 KM as the visibility of the road was 100%. I had little concern about climbing the hill as the hill’s height ranges were between 1000 – 2700 feet. But to surprise us My Nano climbed swiftly with out any hitches. There were something left to surprise us, that is, we saw couple of other Nano(s) owned by the residents of Coorg. Which means, the car generally doesn’t give much of a problem while climbing hills. We were in Coorg for 3 days and roam around all the places. Coorg’s hill is a section of Western Ghats Range with 2700 Feet of height, also it had lot of hair-pin curves with hilly roads. The roads were also not maintained thoroughly. Some of the places the roads were positioned at 45 degree angle. In those 3 days we drove nearly 700 KM, with AC on the highway. We got mileage of 28 KMPL on the highway and 22KMPL on hills. Now we are planning to go to Wayanad in our Nano.


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