An amazing experience with a marvelous vehicle.

  • Jun 27th 2012


I am the owner of our TATA MOTOR NANO VEHICLE. I purchased it from Nangia Motors Nagpur and my vehicle registration number is MH-40-KR-6368.

Immediately after my purchase, I got transferred to Pune and my vehicle came on road 900kms approx from Pune to Nagpur in 13hrs.

Again in a span of 3 months I got transferred to Baroda and I drove my vehicle during Day time I the month of extensive Ambient Temperature in June first week.

I must Congratulate the Nano Team for designing this marvelous vehicle.

600kms from Pune to Vadodara, the vehicle made me reach in 10 hrs with a break of 2 hrs in between.

The AC is very effective even in the day time under scorching sun and there was no concern for engine overheating.

The road grip even at speed of 100Kmph in the Western Express Highway through Lonavala was really nice.

Overall It was an amazing experience, and my NANO performed more than my expectations.

Nangia Motors, I would like you to convey the message to TATA MOTORS team on my behalf and thank them as well.

They are also free to contact me for any further feedbacks.

Thanks & Regards,

Shatadru Bhattacharya.

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