Amazing & Unexpected Experience with Nano

  • Apr 26th 2012


Hi, this is Bharat from Haldwani..and I wanna share a story regarding my khusiyon ki chaabi..well due to my personal work I used to travel from Dehradun to Haldwani twice in month with my Nano and if we calculate its 660 kms journey to and fro. So one day I decided to take a shortcut from Ramnagar to Kotdwar because if we travel on that route then we save almost 210- kms of journey to and fro..but the route was a jungle route and was suitable only for jeeps,trucks buses,sumos...etc. well it was a risk for me to travel with Nano and I was scared as well..but I took that different path and traveled through that route and I can't tell you that the performance given by my Nano was unexpected and was like jungle safari ha ha ha ha…i believe that people talk too much about nano..i mean the criticism but I say just try it then talk after having the experience with I am a happy man with my khusiyon ki chabbi...try it..kyunki DARR KE AGEY NANO HAI..HA HA HA HA ENJOY.




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