Amazing Economy at Full Load

  • Jan 15th 2013

Despite many adverse comments from relatives and friends I bought a Nano in Nov 2011. Over the past year I must say it has exceeded expectations.


I use the NANO for my daily commute to office and car pool with 4 colleagues so i always travel full load in Mumbai traffic. Many times I have 4 people in the back seat so a total of 6. Even with this extreme load the NANO has never struggled on any incline. The maneuverability is amazing, I have got out tight corners with ease and to top it all under full load with A/C i manage to get an average fuel economy of 17 kms/ltr and on occasions it has crossed 19. I am close to 9000kms with one year of driving and i haven't had a single issue till date. Thanks TATA for this amazing car...



Shivkumar Vishwanathan


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