A Real Cheap & Best Reliable Small Car by Tata Motors – Maruti Chougule

  • Apr 13th 2011

Maruti Chougule says the Tata Nano is A REAL CHEAP & BEST RELIABLE SMALL CAR BY TATA MOTORS.

During my initial overall study before deciding to go for Tata Nano, I felt Nano is better than Alto in terms of overall specifications, facilities and cost. The only drawback it had was less engine capacity and lack of rear door. Right from the time of allotment, there were many discouraging free advises by near and dear ones about not to buy Tata Nano and go for Alto / Santro. Added to this, about a month before taking delivery, there were few fire incidents to it which caused more worry by my nearones than me. Since I had every faith on Tata and its Nano, I went ahead to take delivery. After a long wait of more than one year, I was very anxious and happy to receive the delivery of my Nano LX, Lunar Silver, from Manickbag Automobiles, Belgaum, on 24th April,2010, at 6.30 PM.

The total cost spent by me is as follows : Ex-showroom Price - Rs. 1,80,153/- Insurance - Rs. 4,540/- Road Tax - Rs. 25,763/- Extended Warranty - Rs. 1,999/- Registration charges - Rs. 2,800/- Total - Rs. 2,15,255/-

Over & above, I incurred Rs.10,000/- towards seat covers, matting, body cover, 3M anti corrosion coating, sun control film & music system.

Finally, it cost me Rs.2,25,000/-+ for this vehicle.

The overall service, guidance on maintenance extended by Manickbag Automobiles, Belgaum, was excellent.

For the first drive, we took the vehicle for test drive to Chikkodi, around 80 KMs from Belgaum, the same night. The pick-up, AC, front illumination, horns, etc. found more than satisfactory. It took hardly an hour for me to get familiarized with this vehicle. The second & third day, I came back to Belgaum and tested it throughout the city to visit my relatives’ residences. I found its movement so smooth and nice in busy traffic which was a joyous experience.

To clear the doubts, I driven it to Bellary where I work, about 325 Kms away from Belgaum on 27th April,2010 itself. In this route, I drove it at a speed of 60 to 85 KMs per hour on city limits and highways respectively. During this journey too, the response by cute Nano was encouraging.

During my return journey to Belgaum in Nano with my family, initially I had worried about placing the luggage in it. There were two suit cases and three travel cloth bags. After going through the manual, we kept two suitcases at the space provided for luggage at the rear and kept two bags at the leg space beside driver side passenger seat. Everything accommodated without any discomfort. In total, we four adults and a child traveled comfortably during our return journey on the same route. The first service (1000 KMs) was over in just five days from the date of taking delivery.

After a gap of one week, we drove the Nano to Jotiba (Wadi Ratnagiri) near Kolhapur, Maharashtra for pilgrimage. It is located at a hill station about 125 KMs from Belgaum. Nano was as smooth as in city while climbing through ghat and returning also. During the past more than one & half months, I drove this vehicle for 2700 KMs right from the busiest city traffic, to highways to rough roads and ghat/hilly area too. During my driving experience, I found its performance extremely satisfactory.

It is giving mileage of 20 KMs / litre in city and 24 KMs / litre in highway (with AC). The A/C is excellent. Idling is so silent that sometimes I look at the panel lights to confirm that engine has “not stopped”. It turns full, tight around a minor traffic. Very light steering. Lots of usable luggage volume. No space in front boot; it has spare tyre, wiper motor, brake oil, A/C radiator with FAN,a/c blower etc.

Engine under rear seat and seat won’t get hot during journey. Boot at rear, is above engine, behind rear seat. It can take two full size suit cases. Plenty of leg area in front & rear, usable for luggage. Overall height is good, gives lots of vertical space.

During one long journey, I had folded the rear seat and traveled 325 KMs with 2 quintal worth of foodgrains’ bags. Pickup very good, much beyond expectation. Runs very light. Does not vibrate much at wrong gears/speed. Still people on road speak to each other, turn around to see it and enquire about its performance to me. They surprise by knowing its on-road price. Majority of them thinks that it’s on road price is Rs. one lakh which is not true. All my initial study before booking this vehicle and not canceling it later, has given me fruitful results which I am proud of now.


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