A Fantastic Jouney with Tata Nano

  • May 25th 2012


I travelled from Mumbai to places like Dwarka, Somnath, Diu and Daman, in my Nano on May9th 2012. The total mileage was around 2383 Km with air-conditioning on and an average speed of 75Km/hour, Nano gave an average of 20.82 Km/l.

It was a memorable journey. My wife, Mamta and me started from Sanpada in Navi Mumbai on 9th May 2012. Our First stop was at Surat to visit my cousin Praveen's family and my Buaji. Surat is definetly going to be the next dream city with infrastructure and power sector developing at fantastic speed. Next we halted at Rajkot where we could see Mahatma Gandhi’s school and some old monuments. And then on our way to Dwarka, We visited Jamnagar the next day. The industrial development is commendable in that area. The soils do not permit good agriculture but hard working Gujarati’s have gone ahead with industries with support of people from all over country. The hospitality and openness to accept people from other states is commendable for Gujarat. In Dwarka we visited Temple & was a 6 Km in sea from Okha port. Here too we saw Tata Chemical Plant and many other industrial units running without any trouble. Nano gave a commendable speed & we did not face any trouble in our journey. All through the coast line thousand of huge windmills have been commissioned to generate electricity.

From Dwarka we followed the coastal road to Porbandar to see Gandhiji's birthplace and the old town port. In the evening we reached Somnath and stayed at Veraval where small ship building and fishing is the main activity. At Somnath temple we attended the light and sound show and stayed in temple till late night. Though days were pretty hot but at night it was very pleasant. We moved to Diu next and passed through the Sasangir forest. We went at Daman too. It is a coastal union territory with many old monuments.

The roads in Gujarat are very good and one may stay safe at any place. Gujaratis are extremely helpful people to talk to. We asked for the local food and it was a wonderful experience. My wife & me are very content with our small little Nano and we had an amazing time throughout our trip.

Gujarat is a must visiting one to feel the greatness of the country!! :D


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