A dream come true

  • Mar 6th 2012

Earlier we usually traveled anywhere by our motor vehicle. It is very difficult to go by motor bike since we’re a family of four. Besides its very uncomfortable and the police often caught and fined us. We were fed up of all the trouble. I ask y dad to buy a car, but it was very difficult to buy given our financial condition. And a car was estimated to cost up to four or five lakhs, way beyond our budget. We were tensed and always went out in twos so we weren’t fined on the bike. Then few years later Tata launched a dream car- “The Nano". I first heard about it in the news. I told my father that it costs only one lakh and is available at easy installments. I was very excited. My dad order a beautiful Nano within 1 month which we were paying for is installments of Rs.5000 per month. My father was happy and said we got our dream car at a great price. From then on we go anywhere only in our car. The traffic police smile at us as we pass by. We have pleasant drives thanks to the Nano. Today since the arrival of the Tata Nano, every middle class person’s dream to have a car has been fulfilled.


Muuah Nano!





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