A Confused Happy Story – Tata Nano

  • Jan 15th 2013


Dear Readers,

I dreamt for a NANO Car when Mr. Ratan Tata announced the 1 lac car. When it came on road, lot of confusion happened because of the negative reports of this car through media. Later, I purchased one M800 second hand two years back and fulfilled my Car dream. However, I was watching the news pertaining to Nano car, fire, accidents, etc. However I continued reading stories of success and happy moments of people shared their experiences, later I decided to check all technicality and a test drive with my near TM Dealer, I wondered, why this car had been created a negative psychology to common man because of international CAR MAFIA’s (I feel so) conspiracy, not because of its usage, fuel efficiency, safety and comfort. My family was entirely against me for purchasing this car. But my temper to see this cute car did not stopped until I exchanged my old M800 with a new 2012 NANO LX with papaya orange. The first day I told my family members that if they like to sit the car can enjoy, if not like they can travel by any other transport means. (Thumb rule because I am the head of family?!!!!). But later everybody in my family apologized me for their misunderstanding towards me and car. I took them all for a tour in 15 days for 2500KM. All were happy; my wife is now a driver. She enjoys driving this nano and is confident in her driving.

Two suggestions to Tata to make NANO better.

1. Back dicky door opening option.
2. Reduce Engine sound putting some good/advanced technology/ mufler/better silencer.

I bet, the all new model cars in market will vanish away in the sky.

Ex Army Man

Siavudeen VS
Meenangadi - Wayanad

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