1600km in my Nano

  • Mar 6th 2012


Dear Tata NANO Team,

This is the story of my younger brother and his Tata Nano. Below in his own words and pics ...

It is indeed great feeling to have a NANO. We all have heard a lot of negative and positive aspects of NANO (Probably more of negative than positive). But NANO has proved itself yet again that it is The Best.

In this regard, I want to share a wonderful journey that I had with friends on a weekend. It was for three days (10th September 2011 to 12th September 2011). we started from Hyderabad and covered Puttaparthi, Tirupati-Tirumala, Kanipakam , Vellore-Sripuram Golden temple and back to Hyderabad (1600 kms). It gave an average mileage of 22, highest being 23.5.

When we bought the NANO, it our first impression was that it was only for city rides and not for long drives was. For the past 9 months we restricted it only to the city limits. But it proved itself fit and perfect for the Long drives too.
DAY-1 (Hyderabad -> Puttaparthi -> Tirupati )

When we started from Puttaparthi to Tirupati late in the evening around 7.30pm, we just followed the GPS navigation which took us into the roadway that we never expected to go in a NANO. A 31 km stretch which was pitch dark and had a village at an interval of every 6-7 kms. I can bet that no SUV could have done the job that a NANO did. An SUV would have managed on the main road, but the NANO was able to manage even in the narrow streets of the rural villages. The roads were so narrow it was difficult even to go by bicycle. But hats off to NANO. It was full of adventures and we enjoyed our journey to the fullest.

DAY-2 (Tirupati->Tirumala->Tirupati->Kanipakam->Vellore)
Next challenge was the Ghaat road from Tirupati to Tirumala. We finished it within a span of 25 mints ( 19 kms). The NANO just zoomed in 3rd and 4th Gear, overtaking SUMOs, INNOVAs and other heavy vehicles with ease.
By evening we reached Vellore golden temple covering Kanipakam Ganapati temple on the way.
DAY-3 (Vellore -> Hyderabad)

All are under the impression that the NANO engine will overheat, catch fire etc, during long rides. I just pity for them. Vellore to Hyderabad is around 650kms and we covered it in a day non-stop, halting only for breakfast and lunch. Most of the time speedometer was at 90-100.

Till this trip I believed that everyone should have two cars, one NANO for city ride and other bigger one for long drives. But I concluded that NANO caters to both needs. It can just zoom to any place especially where other vehicles struggle to go. It has been a 9 month journey with NANO travelling more than 10,000 kms without any hiccups.

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