Nanologues by Vanessa Able

  • Jan 28th 2015

Nano Awesomeness Live took a creative turn this November with Vanessa Able, a prolific travel writer, photographer and a road trip aficionado onboard. British in origin, she travelled across India, exploring the diversities of the Indian landscape, covering about 10,000 kms in a Nano. She penned down the experiences of this grand drive in a book aptly called "The Nanologues”. This book was unveiled amidst a round of applause at the Tata Literature Live, during the panel discussion ‘Hard Drive: Across India in a Nano’, with Vanessa Able, Ansh Trivedi, Bob Rupani and Renuka Kripalani. The event at NCPA revealed to all the way Tata Nano can bring the thrill of travel and the art of literature together, leaving the audience hungry for epic adventures of their own. After all, sweet memories and amazing drives are all part of the awesomeness that enters your life along with a brand new Tata Nano. Go on and create some of your own. We’d love to hear about them!

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