Nanologues documents an unforgettable journey of exploration and awesomeness

  • May 30th 2015

Awesomeness is exploration, independence and creating unforgettable experiences. Vanessa Able explored the diversities of the Indian landscape in her Tata Nano and penned down her experiences of the grand drive in what is now called the Nanologues. This book was unveiled at the Tata Literature Live during the panel discussion Hard Drive: Across India in a Nano with Vanessa Able, Anish Trivedi, Bob Rupani and Renuka Kripalani. Contemplative, lighthearted and a huge learning curve for a teeming, travel-hungry audience, Vanessa proved to all of us that an open road beseeches an endless drive in a Tata Nano. One of the excerpts from this travelogue read: “For me at least, Tata Nano meant the epic road trip…” This writer, photographer and aficionado discovered not only new sights and sounds but the discovery transcended just what was around her and tapped into what within as well. This is how Tata Nano brought literature and travel together to celebrate awesomeness.

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