Enjoy a smooth and safe drive, thanks to an extensive list of features loaded in the GenX Nano. Equipped with Impact Cushioning Crumple Zone, Advanced Structural Stability and SUV-like ground clearance of 180mm, the GenX Nano leaves no stone unturned in making sure that your safety comes first. So, go ahead and enjoy that drive with complete peace of mind.

GenX Nano Safety - Advanced Structural Stability
  • Advanced Structural Stability–

    To enhance the overall safety of your drive, the GenX Nano is equipped with Impact Cushioning Crumple Zone. It also consists of a robust side door with Intrusion Beams for side crash protection and a reinforced front body structure for enhanced frontal crash safety.
    To enhance smooth and stable high speed driving, it also comes equipped with an anti-roll bar.

  • SUV-like ground clearance of 180mm–

    While the GenX Nano, may be the Newest Compact Hatch in town, it is comparable to an SUV when it comes to ground clearance, making it the most preferred drive on all kind of roads.

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