Taking the spirit of innovation further, the new GenX Nano comes with advanced technological features making it a perfect smart city car. The Easy Shift (Automated Manual Transmission) offers the convenience of driving an automatic along with the fuel efficiency of a manual. The effortless drive with the Easy Shift (AMT) along with the shift assist manual mode makes driving an absolute pleasure, truly making it an advanced compact hatch.

GenX Nano Performance - Easy Shift (AMT) with Creep feature
  • New Easy Shift (Automated Manual Transmission)–

    Forget the clutch pedal and simplify your drive. With the Easy Shift (AMT), driving is an absolute pleasure.

  • Easy Shift (AMT) with Sports Mode-

    The GenX Nano 'Easy Shift' (Automated Manual Transmission) has an option of ‘Sports’ mode for enhanced acceleration.

  • Easy Shift (AMT) with Creep feature-

    For ease of manoeuvrability in heavy traffic and during parking, the GenX Nano ‘Easy Shift’ (Automated Manual Transmission), comes with an in-built creep feature, which helps the car to crawl as soon as the pressure is eased off the brake pedal, without pressing the accelerator.

  • Easy Shift (AMT) Mileage-

    The GenX Nano Easy Shift (AMT) has an amazing Mileage of 21.9 km/l+.

  • Easy Shift (AMT) with manual mode–

    For those who are comfortable switching gears manually, the GenX Nano Easy Shift (AMT) also comes with a shift assist manual mode for ease of changing gears as per your convenience.

  • Smallest turning radius–

    The GenX Nano has the smallest turning radius of 4m for easy maneuverability.

  • Advanced Engine Control Unit to pep up your drive–

    The GenX Nano is fitted with an Advanced ECU developed by Bosch™ to ensure a zippy drive.

  • Large 24 L fuel tank*-

    Enjoy long, uninterrupted drives wherever you go! The GenX Nano is equipped with a 24L fuel tank to suit a longer driving range of over 500 KM*, which makes it ideal for driving over long distances.

+As per ARAI in Easy Shift (AMT)
*Considering ARAI mileage in Easy Shift (AMT)

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