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How many variants / trim levels will be offered for the new Nano Range?

The new GenX Nano will be offered with 2 variants i.e. XMA & XTA with Easy Shift Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) and 3 variants i.e. XE, XM, XT with Manual Transmission.

What are the fuel efficiency figures?

The fuel efficiency figures are 23.6 Kmpl for Manual Transmission variants and 21.9 Kmpl for AMT variants.

What is the top speed that this car can achieve?

The top speed that can be attained on this car is 105 km ph. This is electronically limited for safety

What are the CO2 and other emission levels in the AMT version?

GenX Nano Easy Shift complies with BS4 emissions level in line with the current Emissions regulations.

What level of safety does the vehicle offer?

GenX Nano complies with all the Indian regulatory requirements. To know the safety features that the GenX Nano boasts of, click here

What is the turning radius of this car?

The 4m turning radius in Nano AMT provides the Best in class manoeuvrability. This is now even more easily exploited with the EPAS technology. Take a test drive to believe how easy it is to manoeuvre the GenX Nano!

What warranty is being offered?

There is no change in warranty. It continues to be 4 years & 60,000 kms whichever is earlier.

How do I start the engine in GenX Nano Easy Shift?
  • Engage the hand brake firmly & press Foot Brake
  • Put the ignition on
  • While the Foot Brake is pressed, bring the shifter lever to Neutral – ‘N’. Check ‘N’ on instrument cluster
  • Crank the engine till it starts, with the foot brake still pressed
  • Make sure, you should use only your right leg foot to press brake. Do not use your left leg anywhere during driving AMT Vehicle.
How do I drive the vehicle ahead after starting the engine?
  • After the engine start, ensure that foot brake is still applied.
  • Bring the shifter lever to Auto/Manual – ‘A/M’ [in case of forward movement] or ‘R’ in case of backward movement. Check corresponding gear position on instrument cluster.
  • If you are on a flat road, release the hand brake and foot brake and press the accelerator pedal gently till you get thrust in desired direction from the engine or let the vehicle march with creep**.
  • If you are on a gradient, to avoid unintended vehicle movement, in hand brake still engaged condition, release foot brake and gradually apply accelerator pedal to rev up the engine till you feel forward thrust. Now smoothly release hand brake to drive the vehicle off smoothly.
  • Please remember - In Vehicle Standstill condition, gear change command in shifter lever will only be functional if there is simultaneous application of foot brake.
  • Mode Change:-In your car there 3 modes for forward direction. Auto mode, Auto sport mode & manual mode. You can change the mode as per your requirement even in vehicle running condition.
How do I park the vehicle?
  • Park the vehicle in your parking place safely.
  • Bring the shifter lever to ‘A/M’ or ‘R’ as desired. Check for lever position on Instrument cluster
  • Apply hand brake firmly and release brake pedal
  • Now you may shut off the engine
  • Please remember - In Vehicle Standstill condition, gear change command in shifter lever will only be functional if there is simultaneous application of foot brake
  • In case of Parking in very less space with frequent forward / reverse movementyou have to rapidly shift gears from [A] to [R]  or [R] to [A] without pressing brake pedal or accelerator pedal and vehicle will creep forward or reverse respectively. The first shift should be done with brake pedal pressed.
What is Creep feature? How do we use the Creep feature in GenX Nano Easy Shift?
  • It is a feature in the AMT Vehicle which allows the vehicle to move FORWARD/REVERSE, depending on which gear is selected by the driver (either A/R), without any accelerator pedal input by the driver.
  • This feature is to facilitate the driver by giving an initial movement to the vehicle specially in conditions like bumper to bumper condition, initial pick up in traffic light signal, during garage parking or parking in city/mall.
  • Creep feature is enabled for Manual as well as Auto Mode for first and reverse gear.
  • After starting the engine with your foot on the brake pedal, slowly release your foot from the brake pedal and the vehicle starts moving (Max. 6-8 Kmph) without pressing the Acc. Pedal.
  • As soon as the acc. Pedal is pressed, creep function will be disabled.
How do you overtake with GenX Nano Easy Shift?
  • There is a feature called kick down in your vehicle
  • From constant speed or coasting if the accelerator pedal is quickly floored in less than 1 sec, the AMT downshifts if required, and ensures best acceleration so that you can complete overtaking in the quickest possible time.
Can I shift between Auto and Manual modes while driving the car?
  • It is possible to shift for Auto-Standard to Auto-Sports and to Manual on the fly with command from shifter lever console
Do I need to take any precaution while driving downhill slopes?
  • While travelling downhill do not put gear in ‘N’, let the vehicle coast in gear. This will ensure that you are safe.
What will happen if I shift to ‘N’ or ‘R’ mode during driving with my foot on the accelerator pedal?
  • When the accelerator pedal is pressed and there is change in shifter lever position from ‘A’ to ‘N’, the AMT detects this as accidental change in shifter lever position and does not shift to ‘N’. If the accelerator pedal is not pressed and shifter lever position is changed from ‘A’ to ‘N’, the vehicle detects this as gear shift command and shifts to N to allow you to coast.
  • If the shifter lever position is changed from A to R when the vehicle is in forward motion, the AMT detects this as accidental shift and stays in Auto Mode only till you stop the vehicle, after which the vehicle transmission goes to neutral as there is accidental command for change in direction.
How do I park the car on an uphill or downhill slope?
  • Park the vehicle in your parking place safely.
  • Bring the shifter lever to ‘A’ or ‘R’ as desired. Check for lever position on Instrument cluster
  • Apply hand brake firmly and release brake pedal
  • Now you may shut off the engine
  • If the engine is switched off and the key is removed with the shift lever in [A] or [R] position, the vehicle will be in 1st or reverse gear respectively.
How do I use the Sports Mode in Easy Shift AMT? Which is the default mode?
  • Press the sport mode switch à indication will be displayed on cluster [ SPORT ].This will automatically make the gearbox shift at higher RPMs giving you more acceleration in the same gear
  • Sport mode can be used in case you need more torque in each gear. This mode can also be used during overtaking.
  • By default the vehicle is in ECO mode – But ECO will not be displayed in cluster
  • If you turn off the ignition in sport mode & then you turn it on again, the vehicle will be in ECO mode.
Is Sports Mode available in Manual Mode?
  • Sport mode is not available in Manual mode. It is available only in Auto Mode in GenX Easy Shift
Can gear shifts happen automatically in Manual Mode as well?

The gear shifts can happen automatically in Manual Mode under the following circumstances:

  • During braking, vehicle will automatically downshift the gear based on speed of vehicle
  • If not upshifted & driver keeps pressing the accelerator pedal, the vehicle will upshift to next gear but at max threshold value
How comfortable is this car at the driver’s seat?

The driver’s seat comes with a slider and a recliner across the trim levels. The instrument cluster is at the centre of the dashboard thus ensuring maximum visibility at the front. To know how comfortable the GenX Nano is, check out the comfort features that this hatch offers.

Does the rear seat get heated with the engine located close to the rear seat?

The Nano is well insulated for NVH as is well-equipped with heat shields in the luggage area as well as behind the rear seats. So, there is no chance of the rear seat nor luggage area getting heated.

How safe is the car? With no engine in front is the car safe?

This car passes all the safety tests required in India including full frontal crash, roof crush, side door intrusion for doors, etc. The Nano’s design is also package protected for European safety tests like offset frontal and side impact. In addition to this, it also has many safety features.

Can I add a carrier on the top?

No. A carrier cannot be fitted on a Nano.

Can I do any modifications in the car? i.e. Disc brakes?

No. This will make the vehicles warranty void.

Can the non AC car ‘Nano’ be converted to AC later?

It is not possible and also not at all recommended to convert the non AC to AC. This is because such a change will disturb the entire vehicle dynamics.

Can this car be converted to LPG/CNG or any other alternate fuel?

No. The GenX Nano cannot be converted to use with any other fuel.