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What’s new in the All New Nano?

The All New Nano comes with the following features:

  • Four-Speaker AmphistreamTM integrated music system with BluetoothTM, USB and Aux-in connectivity
  • 9 Exciting colors with 3 new fun colors - Dazzle Blue, Royal Gold and Cornflower Blue
  • Chrome Strips on the front and rear for the Nano LX variants
  • Two new elegant interior trims- Luxurious Barley Beige and Sporty Ebony Black
  • Twin Glove-boxes for added storage
  • New Gear shift console with cup holders and bottle holder.
  • Remote keyless entry with central locking for enhanced/more convenience
  • Easy Steer feature with a larger 3-spoke steering wheel for reduced steering effort
  • Body colour coordinated speaker bezels
  • New Sporty Mesh Rear Bumper
  • New centre fascia with repositioned Hazard warning switch
  • Cabin Light with Dimming Effect
  • Roof-mounted Antenna
  • India’s most fuel efficient petrol car with mileage of 25kmpl as certified by ARAI
  • Best-in-class AC
  • 4 year/60,000# km manufacturer warranty

#Whichever comes earlier

Can I update my existing Tata Nano to the new Nano? If not why?

We regret to inform you that your existing Nano cannot be mechanically updated to the new Nano due to technical limitations. However features like Twin Glove-Box and Music System are available for existing Nano as well as the new Nano.

Can I change the interiors of my current Nano to those of the new Nano? Would this affect the warranty?

Changing the interiors of your Nano would be a difficult and expensive exercise. We do, however, offer a wide range of accessories like seat covers, music systems with Bluetooth, USB and Aux-in connectivity, external body kits, etc. which are available at Tata Motors Authorized Dealers, and fitting these genuine accessories would not affect the warranty of your car.

What are the versions/ variants offered on the Nano?

The All New Nano has three versions/ variants.
The base variant is called the Nano. It is a non-AC version.
The mid variant (with AC, Tip Tap mirrors on both sides, half wheel covers and sporty black interiors) is called the Nano CX.
The top-end variant (fully loaded with power windows, AC, Heater, Remote Keyless Entry with central locking, full wheel covers and Barley Beige interiors, chrome strips and music system) is called the Nano LX.

Are Power windows present in the Nano?

Yes, Front Power windows are offered only in Nano LX.

Do any of the versions in the Nano have alloy wheels?

No, alloy wheels are not a standard fitment in any of the Nano variants. However, alloy wheels are available at Tata Motors Authorized Dealers across India.

Is a music system provided on any of the models in Nano?

Yes, the new Nano LX comes with a new four-speaker AmphiStreamTM integrated Music System with Bluetooth, Aux-in and USB connectivity. There is a provision for installation of music system in all variants of Nano. It is recommended that you only fit a Tata Motors approved music system in the Nano which is available at all Tata Motors Authorized Dealers.

Is it possible to fit a music system of our own choice in Nano?

No, it is not recommended. This will make the vehicle’s warranty void. A range of music systems approved by Tata Motors is available at dealerships across the country.

Is a tripmeter included in the instrument cluster of the Nano?

The tripmeter is offered only on the Nano LX.

Is a tachometer (RPM Meter) provided on the Nano?

Tachometer is not provided on any of the Nano variants.

Does the Nano have a fuel gauge? How do I know how much fuel there is in my Nano?

When the ignition switch is ‘ON’, the gauge gives an approximate indication of the amount of fuel in the fuel tank. “F” stands for full and “E” stands for empty. Each bar represents 2 litres of fuel in the tank. When all bar indicators go blank and the ‘E’ starts blinking, it indicates that approximately 3 litres of fuel is left in the tank, however, it is recommended to refill once the tank when indicator shows 2 bars or less.

Can I fit a LHS mirror / Tip-Tap mirrors on my Nano?

The new Nano has LHS & RHS Tip-Tap mirrors as a standard fitment on both the CX and LX variants. The base variant has a Tip-Tap mirror only on the driver side. However, both LHS & RHS Tip-Tap mirrors are available for all variants at all Tata Motor Authorized Dealerships across the country.

Can I add a carrier on the top?

A carrier cannot be fitted on a Nano.

Can I make modifications such as adding Power-steering or Disc Brakes in my Tata Nano?

No. This will make the vehicle’s warranty void.

Can the non-AC Nano be converted to AC later?

It is not possible and also not recommended to convert the non-AC variant to an AC variant. This is because such a change will call for changing the cross car beam in the Nano and this will disturb the entire vehicle dynamics. This will also make the vehicle’s warranty void.

Is Tata Motors developing a new Nano variant with power steering option?

At the moment, there is no Power Steering option available on the Nano. However, with the engine at the rear the steering is very light. Additionally, now the Nano has an improved steering mechanism that significantly reduces steering effort.

Are genuine accessories and merchandise available for the Nano?

Tata Motors has a full range of genuine accessories and merchandise for the Nano available at all Tata Motors Authorized Dealers across India.

I hear that Tata Motors is coming out with an improved Nano / Face lifted Nano/ Nano V2/ Nano with Power Steering / Nano with Automatic?

The New Nano got introduced in June 2013. The Nano is India’s most fuel-efficient petrol car with a mileage of 25 KMPL (as per ARAI). The New Nano is equipped with AmphiStreamTM integrated Music System, Remote Keyless Entry with Central Locking, Chrome Strips on the front and rear and Best-in-class AC. It has spacious and stylish new interiors and is available in 9 exciting colours. The Nano does not come with Power Steering, Automatic transmission or Diesel engine.